David Green for Commissioner, District 2, D

I’ve passionately served people my entire working life, having provided tax and financial advice for over 38 years. I have a track record of community service and now seek the opportunity to serve you as county commissioner for district 2.

We need change in Spokane County right now. Since 2011, Spokane County has had all-Republican commissioners. Over time these commissioners have significantly reduced funding of the health district, have been slow to embrace racial equity in our justice system, and have not focused on climate change at all–the number one issue facing our children and grandchildren. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our “People First” philosophy will bring Spokane County “back to the basics” and build upon the strengths of our community. A “back to the basics” approach means concentrating county efforts on a more-equitable justice system. In the unincorporated areas outside our cities, it means providing police and public safety services and maintaining public roads. Unincorporated areas of the county shouldn’t have congestion because our commissioners have allowed development to overwhelm our roads with more traffic than our infrastructure can handle.

And our county should focus its efforts on people. Not on the interests of businesses and real estate developers. County commissioners are not charged with economic development or the responsibility of creating jobs, their job is to run our county. Too much of our county’s CARES Act funds have been spent on businesses, not food security or housing security for people. People should come first.

Three principles should guide us as we move forward: respect science, respect nature, and respect each other.

For change in Spokane County, vote for David Green as County Commissioner for District 2.

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